Purple Parrot

Design & Development

Design process

Design and development is a particular expertise of Purple Parrot. We have a team of skilled and highly experienced designers and sculptors who can turn your ideas in to a reality. With designers in China, and in UK, we have the scope to incorporate a Western knowledge base into our packaging and product designs.

Our design and development is two fold. We produce an extensive range of own design products, often with our own particular slant which is hard to find in other factories, and incorporating our uniquely designed colour box packaging.

Also, we offer a one-stop service for OEM product design and development, and from your initial draft, or concept, we will provide the completed design, sculpture, and monitor the process through to sample preparation and confirmation. Should colour box packaging be required, we have a UK designer with a particular expertise in colour box design.

For the benefit of our European customers, we would like to mention that Purple Parrot, are a European Commission co-operation factory, so we have a favourable ADD (anti dumping duty) rate of 17.9%. As a result of the proposal in the European Commission's Final Declaration Document. We have maintained prices at existing levels, and through the good co-operation of suppliers, we have in many instances managed to achieve some cost savings, which we are pleased to be able to pass on to our customers in the form of lower prices.

OEM product selection
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