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Solar Powered Solar Buddies

Purple Parrot Solar Powered Solar Buddies Novelty Toys

Purple Parrot's collection of solar power Solar Buddies don't require batteries, the sun or a bright light source will get them flipping and flapping in no time and are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone.

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  Solar Powered Solar Buddies - Monkey  
 FF25 - Monkey 


 FF34 - Duck 


 FF58 - Elf 


 FF60 - Reindeer 


  Black Skeleton  
 FF62 - Black Skeleton 


  Halloween Mix  
 FF71 - Halloween Mix 


 FF72 - Angel 


 FF79 - Matador 


  T Rex Dinosaur Solar Pal  
 FF81 - T Rex Dinosaur Solar Pal 


  Cactus with Sombrero Solar Pal  
 FF87 - Cactus with Sombrero Solar Pal 


  Christmas Tree Solar Pal  
 FF89 - Christmas Tree Solar Pal 


  Enchanted Rainbow Unicorn Solar Pal  
 FF90 - Enchanted Rainbow Unicorn Solar Pal 


  Welsh Dragon Solar Pal  
 FF91 - Welsh Dragon Solar Pal 


  Devil Solar Pal  
 FF92 - Devil Solar Pal 


  Moose Solar Pal  
 FF94 - Moose Solar Pal 


  The President Solar Pal  
 FF95 - The President Solar Pal 


  Samurai Solar Pal  
 FF96 - Samurai Solar Pal 


  Hatching Chick in Egg Solar Pal  
 FF97 - Hatching Chick in Egg Solar Pal 


  Love Not War Solar Pal  
 FF98 - Love Not War Solar Pal 


  Solar Buddy - London Bus  
 PPAW13 - Solar Buddy - London Bus 


  Solar Buddy - London Bus Union Jack  
 PPAW14 - Solar Buddy - London Bus Union Jack 


  Solar Buddy - Santa Claus  
 PPAW15 - Solar Buddy - Santa Claus 


  Solar Buddy - Sheep  
 PPAW19 - Solar Buddy - Sheep 


  Solar Buddy - Dolphin  
 PPAW20 - Solar Buddy - Dolphin 


  Solar Buddy - Crab  
 PPAW21 - Solar Buddy - Crab 


  Solar Buddy - Seagul  
 PPAW22 - Solar Buddy - Seagul 


  Solar Buddy - Scooter  
 PPAW23 - Solar Buddy - Scooter 


  Solar Buddy - Cow  
 PPAW24 - Solar Buddy - Cow 


  Solar Buddy - Owl Pink  
 PPAW25 - Solar Buddy - Owl Pink 


  Solar Buddy - Shamrock & Leprechaun  
 PPAW33 - Solar Buddy - Shamrock & Leprechaun 


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